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Make your home stand out, protect your family, protect your investments. Streamline Fencing & Landscaping have over 15 years experience in fencing for Kiwi families & businesses.

It's important when building a fence you get the right fence, for the right application. We can consult with you to help discover what your best options are when it comes to fencing. We have a wide variety of quality fencing products we can install, from some of New Zealand's most reputable suppliers.

With over 15 years experience in helping Kiwis improve their properties, we know how to affordably make your home or business look great from the outside.

Our wide range of fencing options...

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Urban Fencing

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Pool Fencing

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Security Fencing

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Commercial Fencing

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Acoustic Panel Fencing

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Why Choose Streamline Fencing & Landscaping?

If you're still on the fence, here is some things to note about us!

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Satisfied clients throughout Auckland
  • Professional team
  • We can help with painting
  • Free quotes available
  • We can help with landscaping too

Urban Fencing

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ColourPanel coloursteel fencing

The new standard fencing for residential and commercial sites

Boundary and privacy fences are among the most visible features of many homes. That’s why the fence you select needs to be strong, durable and attractive – it should add value to your home.

ColourPanel coloursteel fencing is exactly the same on both sides which means both you and your neighbours see the good side of the fence. The modular, pre-finished steel components make installation quick and simple with no need for painting.

There is a number of options including slat inserts, which we can mix and match to suit your needs. We offer a variety of colours to frame your home.

ColourPanel fences offer all these features and are a more cost-effective investment than a traditional high-maintenance timber paling fence.

image of pvc fencing

PVC fencing

The PVC privacy fence is one of the most popular PVC fence style. The design allows the fence to be stepped or sloped and it can be cut down from its standard height of 1.8m to suit the contour of the land. We also have a range of single and double gates which can be automated. With the PVC fencing system there is no movement as you will find in the wooden fences. We have a manufactures warranty for 10 years.

The PVC fence is far more cost effective than the laminated T/G fence systems.

image of wooden fencing

Wooden fencing

Timber Paling Fences are the most common and traditional type of timber fence seen throughout the New Zealand. Commonly known as treated pine fences they offer the perfect solution for boundary fencing around the home that won’t break the budget.

A traditional Paling Fence is built with treated pine posts, rails and palings with the palings butted up against each other to provide great privacy. This design makes it one of the cheapest full privacy boundary fences on the New Zealand market.

With the treatment in the timber offering long term resistance against decay and insects it’s no wonder it is one of New Zealand’s most popular long lasting fences.

Pool Fencing

image of swimming pools with new fencing

We have wide range of pool fencing options to keep children safe and to meet council pool fence regulations. The Boundaryline range include different options to suit every property.

The most common type of pool fence is DuraPanel aluminium or steel panel fencing which is available in a range of styles. For a premium pool fence we recommend the Panel system with glass or metal panels between the posts.

We also have the KiwiPanel and ColourPanel fences available as cost-effective options for schools and commercial properties.

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Security Fencing

When you need security – Fencing Systems can help. We have full range of security fences for you, including steel panel fences with spike tops, chain link fencing, folded-top panels and pool fencing. We have all kinds of fence and gate options to protect your property and restrict access to the right persons.

image of chain link fencing

Commercial Fencing

image of commercial fencing

When you run a business that has a physical site, it’s of vital importance to make a good first impression to visitors. This includes ensuring the premises are clean, tidy, and clearly sign posted, as well as making sure other aspects of your building are up to scratch – that includings the fencing!

In fact, commercial fencing is often one of the first things visitors notice about a business premises. If your fencing is rickety, falling over and in need of repair, your visitors may wonder if the same thing applies to your business. Fortunately, the team at NTF has a team of commercial fencers who have the expertise to design and installation a range of stylish and functional fencing solutions.

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Acoustic Panel Fencing

image of belaire fencing

BelAire’s Fencing

BelAire’s commercial and residential acoustic panel fencing systems are recognized for:

  • Exceptional sound proofing properties that solve noise reduction issues – tested to NZ standards by a NATA-approved laboratory.
  • Pre-engineered modular concrete fence panels and walls that are made to height and wind ratings for easy specification.
  • Cost effective alternatives to expensive rendered block wall systems without compromising aesthetics.
  • Smart modular fence designs ensure minimal site disruption and quick hassle free installation.
  • Attractive boundary and retainer solutions for designer landscaping solutions.
  • Quality privacy screening solutions for sloping and extensive boundaries.
  • Exceptional quality components that deliver true longevity in New Zealand’s harsh conditions.
  • A hands on approach to solving the acoustic, privacy and aesthetic challenges that boundary walls present.

Belaire specialises in cost effective acoustic panelling and feature walls for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Whether you are a architect, builder, developer or business owner, BelAire has a series of SMART sound proof fencing and walls to ensure your reduce noise, save money and save time without compromising on style.

image of laminata fencing

Laminata Fencing

We are now suppliers of the Laminata Fencing.

You will find many features to the prefabricated timber fencing and retaining.

  • The same look to both sides
  • No climbable surfaces
  • Tongue and Grove
  • CLT Cross laminated timber
  • Pre Fabricated pine panel
  • They have unlocked new potential in good old fashion wood

Get inspired, check out some of our examples below:

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